calidad-seguridad-alimentaria.jpgIn the XXI century and experiencing continuous changes in the ways of expressing ourselves, traveling, enjoying, eating, living,…. the consumer knows what he wants and is stricter with everything around him. In fact, it’s more important to complete 100% satisfactory experience than the cost assumed to get it done. What's more, a good review, a positive comment on social media, or a good recommendation from friends, can bring the company more benefits than any other advertising marketing strategy that can ever exist.

To achieve this goal, we know how to do it; we are able to achieve the objective: full satisfaction of our consumers.

At the moment, we are using all the resources that we have, to develop an efficient and fruitful Department of Quality and Food Safety. I It isn’t an easy road, but we are still working everyday on it. However, today we can ensure a strict control of our product from harvest to sale to the consumer.

Not only are our products 100% controlled. In addition, all those suppliers of auxiliary material that intervene in the manufacture and packaging of our precious Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are subject to exhaustive controls: companies of plastic and glass containers, caps, labeling, machinery, transport… From the field to the home, the process is tightly controlled and audited..

All this is due to the implementation of Certified Food Safety and Quality Standards, BRC (British Retail Consortium Control) e IFS (International Food Standar).

If the consumer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Aceites Alvarez reaches positive and recommendable experiences, it is due in large part to the effort and great development of this Department of Food Quality and Safety.