Álvarez’s Olive Oil

Mr. Cosme Álvarez founded Oleícola Álvarez SL. In 1996. This ambitious project was the consequence of a long experience in the cultive and care of the olive grove. At the beginning, our factory was founded aiming to meet the needs of the family, but soon we started to receive requests for it to be opened to the public; farmers who sought tranquility, confidence and good work in Álvarez’s Olive Oil.


Throughout the years, the facilities have been modified and adapted to the needs of the market; new machinery at the forefront of the olive growing world, extensions to the reception yard, new warehouses... and not only at the structural level, but also at the food safety level, developing a specific department for its absolute control.

The main facilities are in a good and well-communicated location, surrounded by local companies in which to support us and provide us with services in the Torredonjimeno Industrial Park.


On a human level, the members of the Álvarez family have managed the company since its inception:

  • Inmaculada Álvarez and Ana Álvarez are in charge of the administration and management of food safety and quality.
  • Other workers: Master of Oil Mill, Department of Foreign Trade, Human Resources, Accounting, Packaging, Transportation, Millers… another small-great family forged over the years.

We hope to continue being part of history. History of overcoming, of teamwork, of respect for the rural environment, history of sacrifice and hard work,… the history that we share today with you.